Afternoon concerts

Concert 8 – Aula Minor Rolduc Kerkrade

Johann Sebastian Bach  
Suite nr. 2 (1717-1723)
Mikhail Nemtsov violoncello

Hugo Wolf      
Ludwig Mittelhammer bariton, Ellen Corver piano

Louis Andriessen
Aanloop en Sprongen (1961)
Ingrid Geerlings flute, James Austin Smith oboe, Alan R. Kay clarinet

Louis Andriessen
Letter from Cathy (2003)
Wonjung Kim soprano, Livia Sohn violin, N.N. harp, Jennifer Heins percussion, Clark Schaufele piano, Toby Hughes double bass

This program will be completed with performances from master class musicians.

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Concert 7 – Aula Minor Rolduc Kerkrade

Johann Sebastian Bach    
(Double) Concert BWV 1060R (circa 1736)
James Austin Smith oboe, Livia Sohn violin, Dirk Luijmes harpsichord and a Master Class String Quartet

Louis Andriessen
Double (1965)
Alan R. Kay clarinet,  Elena Nemtsova piano                           

A flower song II (1964)
James Austin Smith oboe

Shared memory (2012)
Livia Sohn violin, James Austin Smith oboe

Dubbelspoor (1986)
Katherine Dowling piano,Dirk Luijmes harpsichord, Jennifer Heins Glockenspiel, Clark Schaufele celesta

Franz Schubert       
Ständchen D957 (1828)

Richard Strauss    
Tomorrow op. 27, nr. 4 (1894)

Franz Léhar    
“Dein ist mein ganzes Herz” (1929)

Marcel Reijans tenor, Livia Sohn violin, Ellen Corver piano

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Concert 4 – Aula Minor Rolduc Kerkrade

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Adagio KV 580a (1784)
James Austin Smith oboe, Livia Sohn violin, Ilya Hoffman viola, Mikhail Nemtsov violoncello
Dmitri Sjostakovitsj Cello Sonata op. 40 (1934)
Mikhail Nemtsov violoncello, Elena Nemtsova piano
Louis Andriessen Bells for Haarlem (2002)
Jennifer Heins percussion, Clark Schaufele celesta, Katherine Dowling piano, Dirk Luijmes synthesizer
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) Sonate K378 (1779)
Avanesian Duo: Kristina Avanesian violin & Diana Avanesian piano

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Concert 3 – Aula Minor Rolduc Kerkrade

Henry Litolff/Johannes Brahms Ouvertüre zu Robert Griepenkerls “Maximilian Robespierre” op. 55 (circa 1852) (reconstruction Dirk Luijmes)
Friedrich Wieck Notturno (circa 1830)
Dirk Luijmes harmonium, Ellen Corver piano
Robert Kahn Serenade op. 73 (1922)
James Austin Smith oboe, Ron Schaaper horn, Katherine Dowling piano
Serge Prokofiev Flute sonata op. 94 (1943)
Ingrid Geerlings flute, Elena Nemtsova piano
Francis Poulenc Sonate (1962)
Air Duo: Marina Sierra Ramos piano & Lluís Casanova Martínez clarinet

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Concert 1 – Aula Minor Rolduc

Leoš Janáček   
From: On the overgrown path, edition 2 (1900): nr. 13 Piu mosso & nr. 15 AllegroDirk Luijmes harmonium

Louis Andriessen
Nuit d’été (1957)                                               

The Hague Hacking Scrap (2003)
Katherine Dowling & Clark Schaufele piano

Xenia (2005)
Livia Sohn violin

Igor Stravinsky   
Jeu de Cartes (1936)
Katherine Dowling & Clark Schaufele piano

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