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The Orlando Master Class is the chamber music course for young professional chamber music ensembles. Ensembles in all shapes and seizes will receive an intense course during 10 days, consisting of chamber music lessons, coaching sessions regarding posture and dealing with stage fright. In addition the ensembles perform on various stages of the Orlando Festival.

The prestigious Master Class of the Orlando Festival is known for the high level of proficiency of its participants and its remarkable teachers. In the beautiful Rococo Library and in other attractive halls at the former abbey of Rolduc young professional ensembles receive lessons from experimented musicians and coaches.

Many if the musicians present at the festival also teach the Master Class ensembles. With care do we match the ensembles and musicians. Although it is also possible to voice a preference on your subscription form, which we will of course take into account.

During the festival (8 – 18 August 2019) the ensembles also have the opportunity to perform on various Orlando stages. Even during the evening concerts alongside the musicians.

Enlistment is possible for all chamber music ensembles from 3 to 6 persons, including string quartets and piano trios, with an average ages of 32 and a maximum age of 35 (as of September 1st 2017). The organisation of the Orlando Festival will select a maximum of ensembles to participate.

You will reside at Rolduc for ten days and in addition to the lessons and coachings, you have access to all festival activities at Rolduc: visit other master classes, go to rehearsals by our musicians or attend the lectures. In addition you get to visit all concerts at Rolduc, daily at 16.30 and you receive tickets for the evening concerts.

The Orlando Festival has a strongly reduced rate for members of master class ensembles. For just € 750,- per person you can attend this chamber music course. This includes all lessons, access to the concerts and a stay at the hotel of Rolduc bases on full board and lodging (incl. all meals).

In addition to all this it is possible to book a private lesson with a musicians of your choosing. The costs are € 65,- per lesson (75 minutes). You can indicate on the subscription form how many lessons you would like to book and with whom. Please note that our musicians only have so many slots to teach, the principle of first come first served applies.

Enlistment procedure master class ensembles

Enlistment procedure master class ensembles
(a selection will be made)

When filling out the subscription form a number of documents have to be send along.

  • A copy of your passport, identity card or drivers license
  • Two letters of recommendation from a teacher and/or performing musician
  • A picture of the ensemble
  • A biography of the ensemble
  • A digital live recording (recorded after Sept. 1 2017) of a minimum of 30 minutes of music in as much different styles and parts as possible.

The deadline is June 1st 2019. Every ensemble member is required to fill out an subscription form.

Enlist now in the Orlando Master Class!

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